Sunday, April 6, 2008

Panama City, FL

We have arrived!

Actually, by the time that you see this we will have also left, but that's beside the point. I'm having a little trouble with the new, fancy upgrade to the software where I host my photos and that's causing me to run a bit behind.

Our primo reason for hitting Panama City wasn't to hang with the Spring Breakers or anything like that, but to visit Jimmy Buffett's latest Margaritaville Cafe, which had opened a few weeks previously.

The campground that we stayed at (Pineglen RV Park) was heavily forested (important during the summer months here in Floriduh), very clean, and very convenient to the Pier Park Development where Margaritaville is located.

Love it or hate it, Pier Park is a massive shopping complex, designed to look like small individual stores but in sorta an artsy-fartsy manner. It would appear that all of that part of Panama City is falling victim to the developer, with tremendous high-rise condo complexes displacing smaller motels and hotels. I guesss that if development is unstoppable at least Pier Park appears to be entertaining.

The Maragaritaville itself was excellent. The food was somewhere between very good and great (Deb thinks it's a bit overpriced, but then again she has us scheduled to attend some sort of culinary school in New Orleans, so what can I say?).

For dinner we had the teriyaki steak and jerk chicken and both were excellent. The next day we went back for an extended lunch (bad weather, of the dangerously-high wind variety set in so we decided to hang out at Margaritaville rather than drive in a downpour) and we both ordered Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I must say that those were some of the better cheeseburgers that I've had for quite some time.

A word about beer: Maragaritaville Cafes have their own in-house brew on draft - Lone Palm Ale. It's excellent, right up there in taste with Bass Ale in my book. Why oh why don't they distribute that stuff a bit further, because it's great? And why, I ask to the Gods of Marketing, is Land Shark {gag} more sellable than Lone Palm?

Back to more questions that trouble me so ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Congrats on getting out on vacation! I just wanted to say thanks for signing my witness form for my 50cc. I'm official now and on the list dated 09/08/2006. I did the ride on my old 1980 BMW R65 in 44 hours and 36 minutes. I was going to stop by and offer to buy lunch as I am 6 miles down the beach with my BSA Firebird and family in Sawgrass but alas you are on vacation! Once again thanks for your time and the help with planning (your online help file filled in some blanks.)

Bill Gould
Atlanta, GA
404 dash 791 dash 0704.

PyrateJohn said...

My pleasure Bill! Coast to coast on an R65 - now that's a tough one!