Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where did I put those damned reading glasses?

Now that I have slightly passed the half-century point, I have to admit that some aspects of old age are starting to catch up with me. Specifically, I can no longer see as well as I used to.

More to the point, I have gotten to where lately I have had to walk around the office all the time with a pair of cheap reading glasses on my nose. That sucks.

I wear contact lenses and have for years, perhaps over 30 years. My vision can be adjusted to where it’s better than 20/20 at a distance, but it has become difficult to read without reading glasses.

A few years ago an optometrist suggested that I try bifocal contact lenses and I hated them. But today, as I write this, I am reluctantly trying them again and discovering that while my distance vision isn’t as sharp with the bifocal lenses, that I can once again read without reading glasses.

I think that the solution is going to be to get a prescription for both the standard lens and a set of bifocal lens, and change them as conditions require. In other words, my normal lens is going to be the bifocal ones, but when I plan a day (or multiple days) of motorcycling or driving I am going to switch back to the standard lens.

Interestingly enough, the way that the optician does this only one eye, the dominant eye, actually gets a bifocal contact. The other eye, the not-so-dominant one, has to make do with a standard lens.

As I told a friend, the military could send me to Afghanistan. My distance vision is great and I’d make a helluva sniper, if I would just lay off the coffee. The only problem is that I’d need reading glasses to load my rifle. Bummer.

Anyway, this is just another chapter in the “Better Living and Aging Gracefully Thanks to Technology” files. I frankly didn’t realize that bifocal contact lenses were readily available, but they seem to be nothing special these days.

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hersch22 said...

I hear you. After spending the first 42 years of my life not needing glasses at all, I now need reading glasses for any up close work. The problem is I spend more time searching for the glasses (i have bought at least 8 pair in the last 2 years and can only find one in the house now). I will put them down, and forget where that was when I need them again. Guess I will just have to get used to it. P.S. my distance vision is still very good, that is what makes having to carry glasses around all the more a p.i.t.a.

Jollymon said...

I'm with you brother. I could also be sniper, and just when I'm feeling smug about it someone throws a menu in front of me.